Matt Andrieux


Why I joined Atticus?

I joined Atticus to continue what I have loved doing most in my recruiting career: helping founders hire the best technical talent in the world. I partnered with Tom previously at Cerebras Systems, and we share many of the same values and passions around recruiting.

We are hyper-focused on accelerating the future of deep tech startups by delivering the highest quality service and experience to the Founders and teams we help build. Our core purpose is to help Founders fulfill their most meaningful missions.


  • Company domains: ML/AI, Data, Infrastructure, Security, Developer Tooling, Defense, Biotech

  • Roles: Software Engineer, ML/AI Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer, Security Engineer, Founding Engineer

  • Levels: Individual Contributor up to Director


  • TRM Labs (Series B blockchain analytics startup)
    As the first Head of Talent, Matt grew the team from 60 to 200 people in 13 months and led the global talent acquisition strategy.
  • Tecton (Series A/B MLOps startup)
    Matt joined Tecton in stealth mode in 2020 as their first full-time Recruiter and 4x team size over 2 years during the pandemic.
  • Hammer Talent (Technical search firm)
    Matt started his own firm and partnered with top venture-backed startups to recruit AI, ML, data engineering, and infrastructure talent to industry-leading enterprise startups.
  • Riviera Partners (Technical search firm)
    Matt worked with over 100 early-stage startups and still holds the firm’s record on the number of engineering hires made within the portfolio. He also hired, trained and managed sourcing teams across the firm.