Mike Lew


Mike has over a decade of deep tech recruiting across startups and large companies. Mike has scaled engineering teams up and down the stack from front end to low level systems programming. He has expertise in recruiting systems, processes and operations that have allowed him to build scalable recruiting infrastructure from zero. Mike thrives in taking a tactical, data focused approach to solve hard recruiting challenges in any environment.


  • At Atticus, Mike focuses on sourcing and recruiting for software, hardware and biotech technologies.
  • He is our subject matter expert on data and applicant tracking systems.


  • Vanta
    As Director of Talent Acquisition, Mike led the Business Recruiting and Recruiting Coordinating teams scaling a hypergrowth Security SaaS startup.

    Mike helped grow the Talent team from 5 to 20 and build the processes/systems for all of Talent operations.
  • Dropbox
    Mike owned several large hiring initiatives focused on turning around the recruiting efforts for engineering orgs (SRE, Revenue Platform, Integrations and Data Engineering) that had struggled to meet hiring goals.
  • TUNE
    Mike joined this hypergrowth AdTech SaaS startup as the second recruiter where he hired for software engineering teams across front end, infrastructure and big data development.